April 20, 2024
Southpaw Fortnite

How to Get the Epic Outfit of the Left-Handed Boxer Southpaw in Fortnite

Are you wondering how to get the Epic Outfit of the left-handed boxer Southpaw in Fortnite? This article will teach you everything you need to know about this left-handed fighter, as well as how to purchase her outfit. You can also learn how to unlock the battle pass for Chapter 3 for 950 V-Bucks. To buy this outfit, you can join the Fortnite Crew at any time before May ends. For more information, see below:

Southpaw is a left-handed boxer

Fortnite has added a new left-handed boxer, the Southpaw, to its roster. This new character has back punches that can knock down opposing enemies. The new outfits and makeovers of the Southpaw make him stand out among other characters in the game. Southpaw also gets a load screen reward and a lobby track bonus. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the new Southpaw character.

She is a techie fighter

Epic Games has revealed their upcoming May 2022 crew pack and Southpaw fortnite skin. This new techie fighter is a boxer-themed character with mechanical arms. He’s one of the most exciting characters in the game, and is sure to please the techies among us. In case you missed it, he’s a rough and tumble fighter with some serious punching power.

She is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite

The Southpaw is a new character in Fortnite. This half-cyborg, half-human fighter is a cyberpunk-themed hero with suspended cyborg arms. He also has a robotic Rayman-like look, and his gear features counterpunch back bling and an Arc Flail pickaxe. Epic is promising bonus content with the outfit, including a lobby track bonus and a loading screen bonus.

She enters the game through the Fortnite Crew

For those of you who subscribe to the Battle Royale game, you might have heard about the new female character, Southpaw. The newest character will be released in May 2022. A robust fighter, Southpaw is a boxer and has an attractive style. In addition to her boxing stance, she also has two sets of arms. Her outfit is also pretty attractive, and you can expect a lot of damage when you use her.

She is available in the May 2022 Crew Pack

Epic Games has released the May 2022 Crew Pack which includes the new character, Southpaw. Known for wearing a robotic arm suit and controlling it with his arm sleeve, Southpaw can be a great addition to your Fortnite arsenal. The new character is also accompanied by unique cosmetic items. Additionally, if you’re a Fortnite subscriber in May, you can unlock the Saraya character and get the Lobby Track and Loading Screen bonus.

She has a bionic structure

The new Southpaw Fortnite character will be released in May 2022. The left-handed character is known for his powerful back kicks. In addition to his impressive back kicks, the Southpaw has a new outfit and makeup. If you’re looking for a unique outfit and Fortnite experience, you’ll want to play as Southpaw. You’ll look cool and get a lot of compliments.

She is orange

The May 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack includes a new skin: the Southpaw. The Southpaw skin is a boxer-themed skin. Instead of human arms, she has massive robot arms. The video below shows off the mechanical arms in action. The Southpaw skin also includes a unique back bling item and changes to the game’s gameplay. Hopefully, Epic Games has finally nailed down the details for this new skin, because it’s a great addition to the Fortnite community.

She has a pickaxe

If you’re looking for the most devastating weapon in Fortnite, try the new half-human, half-cyborg combatant: Southpaw! The May 2022 Crew Pack, which will be available on April 30, includes a Southpaw Outfit, Arc Flail Pickaxe, and Counterpunch Back Bling. Along with her new gear, you’ll also receive bonus items and rewards such as a Lobby Track and Loading Screen that chronicle her rise to fame. You’ll also receive 950 V-Bucks back for your subscription, and even some extras like a lobby music track.

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