April 16, 2024
Southern Acoustics Reviews

Southern Acoustics Reviews – Why You Should Steer Clear

I’ve come across both good and bad Southern Acoustics reviews. This is no surprise as the Company has been in the acoustics business for years, but they’ve also recently come under fire for indecent behavior towards a 16-year-old. Here are some reasons why you should steer clear of this company. Listed below are some of the negative reviews I’ve come across. Please take note that these reviews are from customers, not the Company itself.


The website Southern Acoustics Reviews stopped accepting new customers since it was found out that some customers had written negative reviews about the company. This review site had been established for the purpose of educating potential clients about the company’s products and services. But after the recent incident, the company has been in the news for a different reason. Despite its reputation for quality materials and services, people have decided to write negative reviews against Southern Acoustics for a variety of reasons.

There are two main types of Southern Acoustics reviews. The first category is those who praised the service provided by the company while the other category contains reviews that criticize their conduct. The poster of the latter category of reviews was detained and arrested by the police. The poster has high ethical values and comes from a small regional town, but the company has grown into a multi-million-dollar business. Although some users may disagree with this reviewer, the company’s reputation is worth checking.


There are many Southern Acoustics Reviews available on the Internet. They come in two forms: praise for the company’s services and criticism of the company’s conduct. One reviewer was arrested and detained by the police, but that does not diminish the company’s moral standards or ethical behavior. After all, the company started as a small business in a rural area and has now grown into a multimillion dollar business providing a wide variety of acoustic services.

In one Southern Acoustics Review, a 16-year-old was charged with racial discrimination and the company was forced to close its Facebook page. However, this article shows that despite the scandals, the company was still professional, offering services at a reasonable price. There are also many positive Southern Acoustics reviews, so if you are looking for a positive review. There are a lot of options out there.

Company has been in the acoustics field for many years

The name Southern Acoustics is synonymous with sound solutions. The company has been in the acoustics industry for years and has a wealth of knowledge in this field. Their services range from soundproofing walls to installing sound systems and even offering consultations. You can expect excellent solutions at affordable prices when you work with this company. There are two types of Southern Acoustics reviews – the first kind mentions the company’s services and the second type emphasizes Corsi’s racist behavior and arrest.

Mohamed has more than 20 years of experience in the acoustics field and is a member of the Association for Learning Environments (formerly CEFPI). He works closely with the rest of the team to incorporate cost-effective acoustic solutions in a project at the earliest possible stage. In addition to being a die-hard soccer fan, Mohamed enjoys meeting new people and attending sporting events.

Company has been in the news for indecent behavior towards a 16-year-old

According to WKMG, the company has been contacted by the family of the teen and is investigating the incident. Don Corsi is married with a young daughter. He has lived in Sanford, Debary, and Orange City, Florida. He is currently employed by Southern Acoustics Inc., a company that began in 1988. The teen’s mother suggested that he was targeted.

The company, which produces electronic music, has been under scrutiny for its actions. In April 2018, two employees were arrested for indecent behavior towards a 16-year-old student. One of the employees, Margaret De Barraicua, was thirty years old at the time of the alleged crime. Police officers found her and a 16-year-old male student in a parked car. Another employee, Sandra Beth Geisel, was 42. She was a teacher at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, and allegations of sexual conduct with multiple male students surfaced in September 2005.

Company has halted review site

If you have been looking for feedback about a particular product or service, you may have come across the Southern Acoustics Reviews site. Unfortunately, the site has halted taking feedback from customers due to a recent incident involving Donald Corsi, a Southern Acoustics employee. As a result of negative responses, the review site has stopped accepting feedback for this particular company. However, the Southern Acoustics website still lists materials and services they offer their clients.

While the company does offer many services, the company has received a lot of bad publicity in recent years, most recently for its false behavior towards a 16-year-old student. This incident has caused many people to feel upset and angry about the company’s behavior, and as a result, Southern Acoustics Reviews have been reduced to one star. In addition to bad publicity, many customers are also suing the company’s owner over racial discrimination.

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