April 19, 2024

Sorry Antivaxxer

A site that collates the experiences of anti-vaxxers has been created in response to the recent rash of vaccination deaths. The site documents these cases on social media, and is active since 29 August 2021. People have been searching for the same phrase to find the site. Despite the controversy surrounding the site, the stories and warnings it convey are reassuring to other parents. The website is well worth a visit, and I encourage all parents to follow the precautionary advice of their doctor before getting their children’s vaccinations sorryantivaxxer.com.

Anti-vaxxer subreddit

The anti-vaxxer subreddit has almost three hundred thousand followers, which is a surprising increase from just a few months ago. As a matter of fact, it’s not surprising considering Herman Cain, the anti-vaxxer who died of Covid in 2020, was an anti-vaxxer. He attended a Donald Trump rally without a mask and, later, succumbed to the illness. But this doesn’t mean that the subreddit is entirely anti-vaxxers.

The Anti-Mask subreddit was created in September 2020. It originally focused on people who opposed wearing masks during vaccinations, but has since evolved to spotlight anti-vaxxers who’ve fallen victim to the virus. Many posts on the page contain screenshots of anti-vaxxers’ social media accounts. The personal information of these anti-vaxxers is blurred out. There are also posts of people who’ve changed their mind about the vaccine and now have no objection to receiving itsorryantivaxxer.com.

Website that documents anti-vaxxer deaths

A new Website has been created that documents the medical horrors of anti-vaxxer deaths. The VAERS, or Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, is a database that contains hundreds of thousands of reports about health issues related to vaccinations. Many of these events are accidental and cannot be proven as a causal relationship with vaccines. Nevertheless, these deaths are cited as proof of the dangerous side effects of vaccines by anti-vaxxer groups sorryantivaxxer.com.

Controversial content on the site

A website known as Sorry Antivaxxer catalogues the deaths of people who rejected vaccines. In one post, the site features the photo of Ron Munoz, a Republican senator who died from COVID last year, during which vaccines were not available. The website features photographs of Munoz’s widow and anti-vaccine memes. Members of the community comment on the images with anti-vaccine comments.

Irresponsible tactics of anti-vaxxer zealots

The authoritarian Left, who is pushing the vaccine madness, has turned to murdering those who disagree with globalist orthodoxy. The latest example comes in the form of an editorial in the Washington Post, which attacked responsible parents who question the safety of vaccines. The editorial cited an outbreak of measles among Somali-American children in Minnesota. The Somalis had not been vaccinated, and the parents of the victims raised the concern that measles might cause autism.

Far-right extremists are also attempting to use violence against vaccines. They have posted messages on far-right discussion boards, in which anonymous far-right users argue that only violence can solve the vaccine problem. They have also talked about using conspiracy theories to encourage attacks on vaccine producers. However, recent events have proved that the anti-vaxxer movement is not without its critics sorryantivaxxer.com.

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