February 28, 2024
Ruthsentus Com

Ruth Sentus Com Maps Homes of Supreme Court Justices

Ruthsentus Com : In a recent article, pro-abortion activists are targeting the homes of Supreme Court justices and disrupting Catholic mass in order to protest the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Judge Coney Barrett has dissected the role of contraception and defended a woman’s right to life from fertilization. She is the most extreme nominee to reach the Court since the late Judge Robert Bork. Ruth Sent Us, a group dedicated to a transparent and fair confirmation process, mapped the residences of each Supreme Court justice, and is calling for open protests of her nomination.

Ruthsentus Com is targeting Amy Coney’s nomination to the Supreme Court

If you’ve been following the news for the last year, you may have noticed that the Ruth Sentus Com is targeting Amy Coney’s Supreme Court nomination. The organization has released the full address of the six conservative justices on the court. Among them is Amy Coney. This means that if she is confirmed, the court will not have a slow transition.

While pro-choice activists are upset about the decision, she has a long history of links to the People of Praise, a group that has been accused of homophobia. It has been accused of banning or harassing LGBTQ parents, as well as hiring and promoting heterophobic teachers. Regardless of how she ended up in the court, she has served on school boards and was sent to high schools affiliated with the group. Recently, a small group of protesters were seen outside her home, chanting “post-roe, hell no!”

The group claims that the nomination of Amy Coney is a “targeted abortion” and is targeting women. The group posted a picture of all six conservative justices on the committee’s website. Several of them have been charged with terrorism. Despite this, the group is not targeting Coney, but rather other conservative justices in the Supreme Court. If you’d like to find out more about the case, visit Ruthsentus Com.

Ruthsentus Com has mapped the homes of the nine justices on the Supreme Court

The pro-abortion activist group, called “Ruth Sent Us,” has mapped the homes of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court. This map is part of a walk-by day that will take place May 11 in Washington, DC, to protest the Supreme Court’s conservative members. The group’s effort is motivated by their anger over the recent leak of the 5-4 draft opinion.

Ruthsentus Com is urging people to “rise up” against the Supreme Court’s conservative stance on abortion

The pro-abortion activist group “Ruth Sent Us” is urging people to “rise up” in protest against the conservative stance of the Supreme Court on abortion. The website published a map of the homes of the justices and has urged people to visit their offices. They say the leak of the court’s draft opinion on abortion has motivated them to act.

The decision to overturn Roe V. Wade is a political circus. The leftists have been attacking American liberties for two years, and the Supreme Court is now adding insult to injury by overturning the constitutional right to an abortion. The Democratic Party is using the ruling as a political prop and is hoping it will energize their base.

The pro-abortion group has also begun a series of advertisements on Mother’s Day asking people to donate to protect the right to an abortion. This has led to accusations that the group uses deceptive tactics, including encouraging protests on Mother’s Day. However, the pro-choice movement is growing in strength. A recent statement by President Obama and Vice President Biden called for a peaceful protest on Mother’s Day.

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