April 20, 2024
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Quinton Reviews Movies

If you are looking for some movie reviews, then Quinton is the man for you. This month, he reviews several films, including a parody critique of Citizen Kane, a comparison of The Angry Video Game Nerd to Ed Wood’s films, and even an idea for a Victorious reboot. In this interview, he also talks about his favorite movies and the most memorable moments from the series. While most of these reviews are positive, many have criticisms.

Quinton’s parody critique of Citizen Kane

When it comes to the movie review community, one of the most enduring controversy over Quinton’s parody of Citizen Kane is his ill-written video. Quinton’s review tries to make the movie seem more serious than it actually is, but is utterly confusing and even offensive. The audience is not happy, and the parody video is taken down. In the end, Quinton apologizes for the mistake, but the controversy has hardly faded.

The TRO section of Quinton’s review was an attempt to make the review sound more serious, but it actually seemed to be an attempt to be funny. The TRO section was based on genuine misunderstandings and wasn’t meant to be an attack on the film. Nevertheless, the video was taken down by Quinton because of its poor quality. Quinton’s response to TRO’s review was far more scathing, and he has been accused of defamation and hate speech.

Quinton’s review of CinemaSins

In this CinemaSins review, Quinton lays out his reasons for liking the film. Quinton is a fan of the Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome, and grew up with similar content. But as an adolescent, he cringed too much, losing all respect for Doug Walker. And he was also hurt by the recent #ChangeTheChannel controversy. He prefers more explicit queer relationships, like Tori/Jade, and a happy ending for Trina.

The Everything Wrong With… series has been making waves on YouTube as a way to trash movies. CinemaSins has managed to trick its fans into thinking it is art, despite being nothing more than clickbaity. It is an important and well-known part of the movie-watching culture, and its popularity has grown with it. And this influence comes with responsibility: the channel is influencing the average film-watcher’s perception of movies. As a result, the site is helping to dumb down the culture of film-watching quinton reviews.

Quinton’s comparison of The Angry Video Game Nerd to Ed Wood’s films

Quinton has a good point when comparing The Angry Video Game Nerd and its knockoffs to Ed Wood’s films, especially the crassness of the B plots in the Pawn Stars series. These films are all too often slapdash and are hardly worth watching. While Quinton may not care for ‘Crisis on the Orient Express,’ his fans will appreciate his sarcastic take on the series.

While comparing The Angry Video Game Nerd’s plotline to Wood’s movies, it’s important to recognize that Quinton is playing a character similar to Doug Walker in his own films. In the series, Quinton cuts and edits short clips of characters interacting and laughing. The wackiness of his characters contrasts well with Quinton’s proper nature quinton reviews.

Quinton’s idea for a Victorious reboot

Quinton thinks there will be a Victorious reboot. He says there is one writer who has seen his work and may push to make Jori canon. If that’s the case, Quinton would drop everything and enter the writers’ room. He also believes that the show’s fanbase misremembers the series. He thinks Jade and Beck’s relationship was cute but it was actually a plot device that “Strangled the Red String” – a joke to end the show.

“End of Victorious” invokes the String Theory, a concept that can explain the way television shows connect characters. In Quinton’s vision, every character in Victorious is connected to the others, and this allows the writer to develop interesting plotlines based on those connections. Interestingly enough, Quinton’s concept for a Victorious reboot also incorporates the string theory, but he doesn’t use it here. Instead, he creates a shipping chart of character pairings.

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