February 20, 2024
Python Developer Jobs and Salary

Python Developer Jobs and Salary Prospects in India

The average annual salary for a web developer with 1 to 4 years of experience in India is INR 309,161. The average yearly salary for an entry-level web developer with less than one year of experience is INR 225,076. These figures vary greatly depending on location; for example, a Python developer’s salary in Ahmedabad may be slightly lower than one offered in Bangalore, which has more job opportunities.

The average annual salary for senior-level web developers (10 to 19years years of experience) is INR 1,000,000 per year.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India

A machine learning engineer’s annual salary is INR 671,548. Earnings for a machine learning engineer with less than one year of experience are around 500,000 per year, making it one of the highest entry-level salaries in India. Early-stage machine learning engineers typically charge INR672,106 per year, depending on their skill set, location, and demand.

The annual salary of a mid-level engineer is INR 1,173,074. If you think it’s great, you’ll find the salary of senior-level engineers (those with more than ten years of experience) inspiring, as they earn more than INR 20 lakhs per year.

Python AI Ml Training In Delhi

This Machine Learning course in Delhi, offered by Intellipaat in collaboration with CCE, IIT Madras, aims to train you in Machine Learning. You will learn how to use machine learning techniques to develop algorithms, such as algorithms, such as random forests, decision trees, data modelling analysis, vector machine algorithms, and more. Deep will also be used. Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies are used to solve real-world problems and gain practical experience. Finally, you will be awarded a machine learning certification recognised in the industry. Enrol in one of the top machine learning institutes in Delhi right now.

Croma Campus offers innovative Machine Learning with Python Training in Delhi to students. The training course will help students understand each strategy used in Python for machine learning. The training course will assist students in quickly becoming knowledgeable in machine learning. Their training services are sufficient to prepare you to handle any industrial work in this field. In addition, this campus is committed to providing its students with practical training approaches. And well-thought-out manner. 

A Machine Learning Course In Hyderabad 

Machine Learning is a broad field of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on designing and developing an algorithm that identifies and learns patterns in data provided as input. AI is the driving force behind IR 4.0. This innovation will establish a new or additional approach to governing and managing organisations, particularly businesses. The Artificial Intelligence course includes a deep learning course in Python using the Tensor Flow and Keras libraries. Because artificial intelligence is a subset of machine learning, this program consists of a machine learning course, which is also known as Data Mining Supervised Learning. Along with this deep learning course, Big Data Hadoop training e-learning is provided to ensure that image handling becomes simple. Master of the Machine As part of the AI and Deep Learning training, there will be workshops on learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. 


The Artificial Intelligence course syllabus includes all the most recent algorithms, such as ANN, MLP, CNN, RNN, LSTM, Autoencoders, and many more. This course is regarded as the best artificial intelligence course in the region. Numerous excellent AIAI jobs are available, and most of our students have gone on to work for Fortune 100 companies. Real-world industry case studies drive the entire machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence training.

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