February 28, 2024
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Acer Spin 5 Laptop Review

Acer spin 5 is an all-rounder. After uninstalling the bloatware, this laptop performs well, lasts for a long time on a charge, and is well built. Once you’ve adjusted to the keyboard, it types well. In general, the price is good too, at a decent range. It’s a good option for the price range. But if you’re looking for a laptop for more demanding tasks, look elsewhere.


The Acer Spin 5 is a thin, lightweight convertible computer with a penchant for ports and functionality. It weighs only 2.6 pounds and is just 0.59 inches thick, making it thinner than the HP Spectre x360 13 and the Lenovo Yoga C940. The machine’s ports are decent and include two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, and USB 3.2 Type-A ports. It also comes with a microSD slot and a headphone jack.

The Acer Spin 5 is available now, with a base model starting at $999. It comes equipped with an Intel Core i5-1035G4 CPU and 16GB of RAM. It also includes a 512GB SSD. The UK entry-level version comes with 8GB of RAM. The mid-range configuration costs $1,099, and has a Core i7-1065G7 CPU. The more expensive variant comes with an upgraded version of Windows 10 Professional and 16GB of RAM.

Once you uninstall all the bloatware from the system, you’ll be able to get more out of the Acer Spin 5. The keyboard on this laptop is a nice touch. The Acer Spin 5’s keyboard is an excellent choice for note-taking. If you’re a fan of short-stroke keyboards, this machine will satisfy you. But there are some drawbacks. The screen is too dim, and the cooling system is undersized. The system is also noisy, and it doesn’t keep temperatures down very well.

While the Acer Spin 5 has an average 128 GB SSD, the price is still too high. That said, SSDs offer the fastest storage medium today, but they are also expensive. If you’re looking for a budget laptop, you can save money by buying one with a higher storage capacity. When it comes to screen resolution, the Acer Spin 5 isn’t the only option. The screen resolution is also a major drawback, with the smallest screen resolution achieving only 1336×900 pixels.


If you’re looking for a new laptop, the Acer Spin 5 may be the right choice for you. The laptop has an excellent battery life and an impressive 48-Wh battery. The machine also includes two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a USB 3.2 Type-A port. There’s also a stylus garage, a headset jack, and a Kensington lock slot. The screen on this laptop is 13.5 inches and offers a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels.

The Acer Spin 5 is lightweight, weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring just 0.59 inches thick. It’s thinner than the Lenovo Yoga C940 and lighter than the HP Spectre x360 13. The laptop has eight USB ports, a DC-in jack, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a full complement of HDMI ports, and a microSD slot. It’s thin, lightweight, and extremely durable.

The Acer Spin 5 has a 13.5″ IPS display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels. Its screen has good clarity but glares in bright sunlight. The laptop’s audio is decent but nothing to brag about. The speakers are not blaring, but there’s plenty of volume. Despite its slim size, the Acer Spin 5 packs in eight ports, making it a great choice for businessmen and students who want a portable PC with a full-size keyboard.

After removing all the bloatware, the Acer Spin 5 performs well. Its short-stroke keyboard is very good for typing, but the screen is quite dim. Moreover, the cooling system is undersized. Not only is it noisy, but it’s not great at keeping the temperature down. So, this laptop is not the ideal choice for the entire family. It’s not for the power-hungry.


The Acer Spin 5 is a versatile convertible laptop with a nice looking design and excellent quality 13.5-inch IPS display. Its aspect ratio is an unusual 3:2. The display is suitable for working on documents and spreadsheets, but it is not ideal for watching movies or playing graphics-intensive games. The hardware inside the Spin 5 isn’t up to the job, but it’s more than enough for most everyday use. It also has a good number of ports and a good battery life. The only downside is the slightly dim screen, which may not be ideal in bright lighting environments.

Nevertheless, we did find some performance improvements. In the PCMark 10 test, the Spin 5 scored 3506 points, beating a Core i7 laptop from last generation. Similarly, the HP Spectre x360 13 scored 3422 points. However, we didn’t find much difference between the two models in terms of graphics performance. However, the Acer Spin 5 does not have the power to run demanding games such as PUBG.

The keyboard is functional but is a bit cramped compared to the Dell Spin 5. The trackpad is large and has distinct edges for a better feel. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the trackpad, which works well for authenticating logins on Windows Hello-enabled PCs. The Active Pen stylus is made by Wacom, and it has a 1.0 ampere rating and 4,096 pressure levels. The two configurable buttons are easy to use, but the lack of tactile feedback is a downside.

While the Dell Spin 5’s display is bright and clear, its display is less than perfect for watching movies. The screen has huge black bars at the bottom and top, making full-screen movies more difficult to view. As a result, it’s best to use headphones when watching movies or listening to music. There are plenty of ports available on the Spin 5.

Battery life

While the battery life on the Acer Spin 5 is not the best amongst ultrabooks, it’s certainly sufficient for notetaking in class and at work. However, the laptop’s pen-and-paper experience is lacking compared to that of a regular ultrabook. Even though the Acer Spin 5 is not as light as its predecessors, it is still sturdy enough to hold the same weight. With the battery life that it offers, the Acer Spin 5 is definitely a worthwhile purchase for students.

On our battery life test, the Acer Spin 5 lasted for nine hours and 10 minutes. This falls short of the average premium laptop battery life, which stands at nine hours and 33 minutes. The Acer Spin 5 is also not as good as its competitors – the Lenovo Yoga C940 and HP Spectre x360 13 lasted longer. However, this is not a major issue, because the active stylus can be recharged within a few minutes.

The Acer Spin is a good option for travelers, as it is lightweight, has a 2K touchscreen, and offers a strong performance. Battery life on the Acer Spin 5 is reasonable, and its screen’s sRGB coverage is 100%. However, the Acer Spin 5’s screen is not as wide as many competing premium two-in-ones. The smallest screen in its class is already cramped, but it’s still not a deal-breaker for most users.

The best way to maximize the battery life on the Acer SPIN 5 SP513-51 laptop is to charge and discharge it properly. First, fully charge the Acer SPIN 5 SP513-51 battery, and then discharge it to about 5%. Do this two or three times before the first use. Then, remove the battery from your laptop and charge it again to its maximum capacity. Moreover, the battery will last a much longer time if you follow these guidelines.

Cooling system

If your Acer Spin 5 is overheating, the cooling system may not be working effectively. The heat generated by your computer can damage internal components or drain the battery. To maintain a proper cooling system, your laptop should have a fan that moves air around the components. The sound of this fan will also be an indicator that the cooling system is inefficient. Moreover, your computer will cease to function when the fan is overloaded.

The cooling system on your Acer Spin 5 is crucial to the overall performance of your machine. The Vortex Flow design improves performance by up to 75 percent. Additionally, dual D6 copper heat pipes help keep the temperature at a comfortable level. The Acer PurifedVoice technology ensures high-quality audio during video interactions. It also features Wacom AES 2.0 technology and dual D6 copper heat pipes to maximize airflow.

Acer has developed a unique cooling system that enables your laptop to be cool even when you’re using the highest-end graphics cards. Moreover, the Acer Spin 5 has a dual-core processor with a TUV certification to reduce blue light. The device also features an 88-percent screen-to-body ratio and custom-designed bearings. Hence, it is an ideal laptop for people working in creative projects.

The cooling system of your Acer laptop can be controlled with software or manually in the BIOS. One of the most effective ways to control the fan speed on your Acer laptop is to manually control the fan speed in the BIOS. To change the speed of your laptop fans, you can also make use of a cooling software program such as SpeedFan. Acer laptop cooling fans control the CPU temperatures so that they do not overheat.

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